Artist's Statement

I am interested more in artistic exploration than expression; my work is primarily motivated by curiosity about the nature of clay and fire. My passion for ceramics is influenced by a background in mathematics, chemistry, and astronomy. I find the scientific method of inquiry useful when experimenting with materials and firings. But I also employ risk and chance as allies in my creative process, an artistic balance that lies somewhere between alchemy and science.

When firing in wood and vapor kilns, subtle changes in the shape of a piece can influence how flames move over the clay and, consequently, how it is colored and textured. I am particularly excited by the possibilities of combining intentional marks with the serendipitous glaze effects from the fire. In my recent work, I have been exploring the ceramic vessel as a kind of lens, much like that of a telescope or microscope. By manipulating the two-dimensional surfaces of a three-dimensional form, I hope to create an illusion of depth, be it celestial or cellular, that goes beyond the piece itself.