Scholastic Education
1999-2002 - Master of Fine Arts, - Kent State University, Kent, OH
                        - teaching assistant and studio technician with Kirk Mangus and Eva Kwong

1993-1997 - Bachelor of Arts, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
                        - major in Studio Arts, minor in French Studies, Cum Laude Honors

Professional Experience
2003-2015 - Wood kiln technician, Hiroshi Ogawa’s Hikarigama, Elkton, OR

2004-2013 - Associate professor of ceramics, Linn Benton College, Corvallis, OR

2013 - Visiting artist at Kinkaid School, invited by Jane DiPaulo, Houston, TX
2012 - Visiting artist at Kent State University, invited by Eva Kwong, Kent, OH

2008 - Co-curator of “Painting With Fire” wood firing symposium, Lake Oswego, OR
2007 - Visiting artist at Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO
2006 - Visiting artist at City of Boulder Pottery Lab, Boulder, CO
2004 - Resident artist at Kanayama Pottery, invited by Ryoji Matsymiya, Aomori, Japan

2003 - Guest lecturer at Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH
2002 - Visiting artist at Aomori International Wood Fire Festival, Goshogawara, Japan

1997-1999 - Studio apprentice to porcelain potter Doug Hively, Monmouth, OR
2014 - “Glaze: the Ultimate Collection”, by Brian Taylor & Kate Doodey, Quarto books

2014 - “American Shino Glazes in Wood Firing”, Oregon Potters Association journal

2013 - “Carbon Trapping”, Technofile, Ceramics Monthly, March issue

2012 - “Courting Entropy:  Adventures in Wood Firing”, Blossom Arts Festival journal

2010 - “Emerging Artist Award”, Ceramics Monthly, May issue

2008 - “One Foot in the Past, One Step in the Future”, Lake Oswego Arts Center journal

2006 - “Up In Smoke: Wood Firing Challenges in Today’s World”, 2006 NCECA journal
2006 - “Raw Materials - Minerals - Clays”, 2006 NCECA journal

2005 - “Clays, Slips, and Glazes for Wood Firing”, Ceramics Monthly, summer issue

2005 - “M.C. Richards: The Fire Within”, 2005 NCECA journal

2003 - “Creating Large Plates and Platters”, Pottery Making Illustrated, March issue


2011-2014 - “Yunomi Invitational”, AKAR gallery, Iowa City, IA

2004-2014 - “Ceramics Showcase”, Oregon Potters Association, Portland, OR
                        - 2012 Best of Show Award 2nd place, 2011 Poster Award 1st place

2014 - “Simple Cup Invitational”, Kobo gallery, Seattle, WA
            - “Confluence”, Giustina gallery, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
            - “Pacific Northwest Woodfiring”, Eutectic gallery, Portland, OR

2013 - “Toward the Future, Messages From Clay”, Odori Museum, Hokkaido, Japan
            - “A Tile and A Vessel”, Silver City Clay Festival, Silver City, NM
            - “Featured Oregon Potters”, Portland Justice Center gallery, Portland, OR
            - “Seasons”, North Bank gallery, Vancouver, WA
            - “Woodfiring in the Pacific Northwest”, Chehalem Cultural Center, Newberg, OR

2012 - “Vapor Trails”, solo exhibition, Blossom Arts, Eels Gallery, Cleveland, OH
            - “Flashpoint:  International Woodfire”, Plinth gallery, Denver, CO
            - “10 Woodfire Kilns of the Northwest”, POTS gallery, Seattle, WA
            - “West Coast Woodfire”, Fire Arts Center, Arcata, CA

2011 - “Featured Artist”, AKAR gallery, Iowa City, IA
            - “The Vase and Beyond”, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
            - “The Illuminating Kiln”, Emerald Arts Center, Springfield, OR
            - “Atmospheric Firings”, Triton Art Museum, Santa Clara, CA
            - “Contemporary Northwest Ceramics”, Jundt Art Museum, Spokane, WA

2010 - “Northwest Woodfire”, POTS gallery, Seattle, WA
            - “Woodfiring Symposium”, Ohio University, Athens, OH
            - “30x5”, AKAR gallery, Iowa City, IA
            - “Dining In III”, 18 Hands gallery, Houston, TX
            - “Shino REDUX”, Clay Art Center gallery, Port Chester, NY
            - “FILL-adelphia”, Show of Hands Gallery, Philidelphia, PA

2009 - “National Cup Show Invitational”, Kent State University, Kent, OH
            - “A Path of Flame 2009”, Madera Gallery, Tacoma, WA
            - “Spoon it, Fork it, Cut it Up!”, Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, MD
            - “Muddy’s Woodfire Classic”, Myers Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2008 - “A Path of Flame 2008”, Madera Gallery, Tacoma, WA
            - “Clouds Above, Mountains Below”, Whipple Art Gallery, Sutherlin, OR
            - “Contained”, University of Arkansas, Monticello, AR

2007 - “Wood-Fired Connections”, Art Object Gallery, San Jose, CA

2006 - “International Wood Fire Conference”, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
            - “Extravagance of Salt & Pepper”, Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, MD
             - “Decade”, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, OR

2005 - “School’s Out!”, Community College of Baltimore County Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2004 - “Out of the Fire”, Blue Trout Gallery, Newberg, OR

2003 - “Clearly Black and White”, Tierra Solida gallery, Santa Barbara, CA